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=ref:`A thin structure model for the building and of two spans of 160 fton each. A structural analysis of the Building can be done using the threeDimensional-Visualization analysis Software, providing better understandingshapes, sizes, and dimensional restraints of the building elements. TheData analysis software offers the data in many different file formatsfor the presentation and/or archiving of data and 3D visualizations. The Dataanalysis software also provides comparison tools for the analysis of theElevation drawings and plans. A sheet metal model can be created using the modeling capability of theautodesk sheet metal software, offering a systematic approach to modelplates, joints, and fasteners. The Modeling Application of the softwareprovides consistent tools to conduct a quality job with accurate and professionalresults. The Working 3D-Aural software offers different types of methodsto present the sheet metal model in a 3D environment. The 3D-Aural Softwareprovides a Visual storytelling approach for the model using 3D aurals. The 3D-Aural software offers an easy and interactiveapproach to present the model. The 3D-Visualization software offers 3D visualiza-tions of the Building and its sheet metal model as well as the analysis toolsto present the Building from top, side, and even individual sheets. 3. Design Process The design process starts with the architect and client/owner discussions. Then, thedesign process begins with the concept and a brief. The design concepts,design style, and building systems should be decided based on the characteristicsof the Building. The design concept should address the issues for the size,capacity, and function of the Building. The design concept should bebased on the mission, vision, and goals of the client/owner and not only based onthe owner/client needs. The design concept should be in accordance with theapproaches of sustainability and new materials and technology as provided inthe brief. The design concept should also address the structural and engineeringcharacteristics of the Building, both onsite and within the boundaries of thesite. The design concept should be comprehensive and is the first step fora clear definition of the Building’s needs. The design concept can be doneonsite and in a workshop environment. The design concept should be reviewed by the architect, project team, andclient/owner to check if all aspects of the project are in line with the designconcept. The design concept should be revis




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Crack Keygen Robot Structural Analysis Professional 2016 Activation marcphyl

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